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Alkyl-Polyglucosid Schnelle Details

Chemischer Name: Alkylpolyglucosid

CAS-Nr .: 141464-42-8

Summenformel: C16H32O6

Chemische Struktur:APG chemical structure

Molekulargewicht: 320,22

Aussehen: Farblose oder hellgelbe transparente Flüssigkeit


Alkylpolyglucosid Typische Eigenschaften

Artikel Spezifikation
APG0810 APG0814 APG1214
Aussehen Farblose oder hellgelbe Transparenzflüssigkeit Farblose oder hellgelbe Transparenzflüssigkeit Farblose oder hellgelbe Transparenzflüssigkeit
Alkylkohlenstoffzahl 8-10 8-14 12-14
Wirkstoff, (Gew .-% 50-52 50 min 50 min
PH Wert 11.5-12.5 11.5-12.5 11.5-12.5
Restalkohol ≤1% ≤1% ≤1%
DP 1.6-1.8 1,4-1,8 1,4-1,8


What is Alkyl Polyglucoside?

Alkylpolyglucosid ist ein neuer Typ von nichtionischem Tensid APG, das die Eigenschaften üblicher nichtionischer und anionischer Tenside kombiniert.

Verwendung von Alkylpolyglucosiden

APG is a nonionic surfactant. The raw materials used for glucose, high alcohol, etc. are derived from natural renewable materials. Production processes and products do not cause environmental hazards. Therefore the product is a natural, mild green product. APG is currently used in various cosmetics, vegetable and fruit cleansers, children’s shampoos, children’s shampoos, adult shampoos, body washes and other daily chemicals.

As a kind of green surfactant, AP has been widely used in the washing industry for its excellent performance. The dishwashing detergent made of APG has good foam performance, strong degreasing ability, little skin irritation, non-toxicity and good rinsing performance. . The washing machine equipped with APG can effectively remove sweat and oil stains, and has both softness, antistatic property and shrinkage resistance, and the use in hard water does not affect the effect. The new generation of shampoo and body wash made from APG is rich in foam, white and delicate, has a protective effect on the skin, no irritation to the eyes, good hard water resistance, and good regulation and maintenance of hair. In addition, because APG has stable performance in strong alkali and high concentration electrolyte, and is easy to biodegrade without causing environmental pollution of surfactants, it can be used in the fields of metal cleaning, industrial washing and transportation.


Alkyl Polyglucosid Verpackung und Versand

200-220 kg Trommel oder kundenspezifisch.

APG packing



Hinweise: In gut verschlossenen Behältern kühl und trocken lagern.

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