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2019.6.18 - 2019.6.20

SNIEC • Shanghai, China

Stand No.:W4P02

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Overview of the production method of 1,4-Phthalaldehyde

August 14th, 2019| 0 comentarios

As an important organic synthesis and fine chemical raw material, 1,4-Phthalaldehyde has many production methods. The application of phthalaldehyde is also widely used, such as dyes, fluorescent whitening agents, medicines, spices and the like. The [...]

Method for producing Chitosan oligosaccharide

July 5th, 2019| 0 comentarios

Chitosan oligosaccharid is a widely used chemical widely used in agriculture, food, chemical, energy, environmental protection, medicine, etc. In this article, I will introduce you to the manufacturing method of Chitosan oligosaccharid, including chemical manufacturing [...]