Retinyl acetate

Retinyl acetate


Retinyl acetate

Retinyl acetate Appearance

Retinyl acetate Quick Details

PRODUCT NAME: Retinol Acetate

OTHER NAME: Vitamin A Acetate

INCI NAME: Retinol Acetate

CAS No.: 127-47-9



This product is one kind of liposoluble vitamins. It can adjust the growth and health of the epidermic histiocyte. It can make crude and aging skin surface thin. It also can promote cell metabolism and dispel wrinkles.

Retinyl acetate Specification

Item Index
Characters Straw yellow crystal
Solubility Can easily soluble in aether, chloroform, hexahydrobenzene, cann’t soluble in water
Identification Conforms
Acid number <2.0
Peroxide number <1.5ml
Heavy metals ≤0.002%
Assay (Unit/g) ≥2,800,000
Microbiological Test Bacteria: ≤300CPU
Fungi: ≤100CPU
Reference addition 0.1~1.0%

Retinyl acetate 

It can be used in many kinds of cosmetics. The addition temperature is at about 60℃.

Retinyl acetate Packaging

Packing in carton, inner sealed with 1kg*20 aluminium foil bag.
Packing in paper drum, inner sealed with 1kg*20 aluminium foil bag or 20kg plastic bag.

Retinyl acetate Storage

Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat.

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