Triclosan Appearance

Triclocarban Quick Details

Chemical Name: Triclocarban
CAS No.: 101-20-2
Molecular Fomula: C13H9CL3N2O
Chemical Structure:3,4,4'-trichlorocarbanilide Molecular Fomula
Molecular weight: 315.5
Appearance: White powder

Triclocarban Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance White Powder
Purity % 98.0 Min.
Dichlorocarbanilide% 1.0 Max.
Tetrachlorocarbanilide% 0.5 Max.
Triaryl Biuret% 0.5 Max.
Chloroaniline 475PPM Max.
Loss on drying % 0.15Max.
Melting Point ℃ 250-255
Particle size-median, um 7Max.


Triclocarban Application

Be added in soap, shampoo, bodywash, facewash, laundry powder, the wound paste, the cosmetology cosmetics, shaving cream, the toothpaste, the mouth wash,the antibacterial tableware detergent,the wound disinfectant, the fabric antibacterial reorganization medicinal preparation, the medical disinfectant, the fiber textile and the products which can eliminates the dermatophytosis and the underarm odor, in order to sterilize, kill germs and deodorizes.

Triclocarban Packaging and Shipping  

25kg/fiber drum,plastic bag

 3,4,4'-trichlorocarbanilide packaging

Triclocarban Storage

Keep containers tightly closed in a cool, well-ventilated place.

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