9 questions and answers about chemical ingredients

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9 questions and answers about chemical ingredients

What is 2-phenoxyethanol ?

2-Phenoxyethanol is what is commonly referred to as phenoxyethanol.
There are two types of phenoxyethanol. 1-phenoxyethanol and 2-phenoxyethanol. The difference is that the 1-phenoxyethanol phenoxy group is attached to the carbon on which the hydroxyl group of the ethanol is located, and the 2-phenoxyethanol is attached to the other carbon.

Among them, 2-phenoxyethanol can be synthesized at present, so phenoxyethanol is often referred to as 2-phenoxyethanol. 2-Phenoxyethanol is ethylene glycol monophenyl ether, which is commonly known as ethylene glycol phenyl ether.

It is mainly used as a bactericidal preservative widely used in the field of personal care products. It is used together with other preservatives to enhance antibacterial function.
2-phenoxyethanol clear, colorless liquid, slightly viscous, slightly characteristic odor

What is anhydrous glucose ?

Anhydrous glucose is glucose that does not contain crystal water. The organic compound is a colorless crystal or a white crystalline powder; it is odorless and sweet.

Anhydrous glucose is a nutraceutical, and it can be formulated into an oral liquid or an intravenous solution as a nutritional supplement.

What is disodium edta in food ?

Disodium edta is a food additive that GB2760 allows to prevent or delay the fading, oxidation, rancidity, turbidity and flavor changes of foods, and to protect foods from color, stability, oxidation and corrosion.

The nature and state of disodium edta: white crystalline particles and powder, odorless, tasteless. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether. 2% aqueous solution pH 4.7, stable at room temperature, crystal water began to volatilize at 100 ° C, lost crystal water at 120 ° C to become anhydrate, hygroscopic, melting point 240 ° C (decomposition).

What is edta in shampoo ?

The sodium salt of EDTA acts as an additive in shampoos, shower gels and cosmetics to prevent rancidity caused by metal ions. Moreover, the metal complexing properties of EDTA soften hard water.

EDTA can mask metal ions, increase surfactant activity and foam stability, enhance detergent detergency, foaming power, impregnation and emulsifying power, and improve cleaning efficiency.

What is edta in soap ?

Soap should be foamed during the washing process, but if the hardness of the water is too large, the foaming effect will not be good. Those metal ions, such as calcium and magnesium, have a certain defoaming effect. So use EDTA to combine them. Thereby softening the hard water.

What is isopropyl palmitate used for ?

Isopropyl palmitate is widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Mainly used as an additive and solubilizer.

1. Isopropyl palmitate is used as an antistatic and solvent component. Moisturizers, lip balms, sunscreens, antiperspirants, deodorants and foundations all contain isopropyl palmitate.

2. When applying makeup, the product containing isopropyl palmitate can be spread evenly on the skin and can stay on the surface for a while before absorption. Therefore, it helps to eliminate dryness and make the skin soft and elastic.

3.isopropyl palmitate can help reduce sweat pores and reduce wrinkles. Moreover, it also prevents eczema and dermatitis.

4.isopropyl palmitate can eliminate nail fungus by moisturizing and promoting the recovery of diseased skin.

5. Hair oil containing isopropyl palmitate is often used to remove dandruff and lice, and isopropyl palmitate is added to the shampoo to make the hair more supple and shiny. Therefore, it is good for curly and dry hair.

What is kojic acid dipalmitate ?

Kojic acid dipalmitate is a modified kojic acid derivative that is stable to light, heat and metal ions, inhibits tyrosinase activity, and blocks skin melanin formation. It is a cosmetic whitening additive.

As a fat-soluble whitening active agent, kojic acid dipalmitate is more easily absorbed by the skin, and it also provides good moisturization to the skin.

What is tetrasodium edta ?

EDTA tetrasodium is also known as ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid tetrasodium salt. It is a white powder. soluble in water.

EDTA tetrasodium is a hard water softener, a sequestering agent, a fixing solution for processing bleaching in a color photosensitive material, and an activator of styrene-butadiene rubber.

As an important complexing agent and metal masking agent, EDTA tetrasodium can be used in textile industry dyeing, water treatment, color sensitization, medicine, daily chemical, paper and other industries.

What is triacetin used for ?

Triacetin is a compound of the formula C9H14O6, a colorless oily liquid. It is mainly used as a perfume fixing agent, solvent, toughening agent, and also used in the production of cosmetics, medicines and dyes, and plasticizers for cigarette filter rods.

1. Can be used as a solvent and carrier in the pharmaceutical industry;

2. It can be used as a plasticizer for cellulose resins and vinyl copolymers in industrial products such as plastics;

3. A swelling agent and stabilizer for cellulose acetate in the printing and dyeing industry;

4. Can be used as a solvent and a fixative in flavoring;

5. Used as a food additive;

6. Adhesives, cigarette filters;

7. Used as a solvent for celluloid, photographic film, preservatives, etc.;

8. It can be used to determine lipase substrate and gas chromatographic fixative;

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