Ascorbic Acid


Ascorbic Acid Details

Chemical Name :Ascorbic Acid

CAS No.: 50-81-7

Molecular Formula:C6H8O6

Molecular Weight:176.12

Appearance: White or almost white crystalline powder or colourless caystals

Ascorbic Acid Typical Properties

Assay 99.3%
Appearance Powder or caystals

Ascorbic Acid Usage

  1. Medicinal value:

(1) Anti-oxidation, anti-free radical, inhibit the formation of tyrosinase, thereby achieving the effect of whitening and blemishes.

(2) Detoxification. After supplementing a large amount of vitamin C in the body, it can alleviate the toxic effects of heavy metals such as lead,

mercury, cadmium and arsenic on the body.

(3) Prevention of cancer. Many studies have shown that vitamin C can block the synthesis of carcinogen N-nitroso compounds and prevent cancer.

  1. Health care function:

(1) Vitamin C prevents iron deficiency anemia

(2) Antioxidant effect of vitamin C

(3) Vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of collagen

Ascorbic Acid Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25 KG/Carton

According to the actual needs of customers

Ascorbic Acid Storage

Separated from strong oxidants and strong bases.Solutions of ascorbic acid are rapidly oxidized in air and in alkaline media; the drug should be

protected from air and light.