Dichloroxylenol (DCMX)

DCMX appearance

Dichloroxylenol (DCMX) Quick Details

Product Name: DCMX

Other name: Dichloroxylenol / 2,4-Dichloro-3,5-xylenol

CAS No.: 133-53-9

Chemical formula: C8H8Cl2O

Molecular Weight: 191.05

DCMX Structure: DCMX Structure

Appearance: Light yellow flakes crystals or block mass crystals

Assay: ≥98.00%

Dichloroxylenol (DCMX) Specifications

Test Item



Light yellow flakes crystals or block mass crystals


Phenolic characteristic odour

Active matter




Residue on ignition





Clear solution


Dichloroxylenol (DCMX) Usage

It is widely used in personal care products, film, glue, gasoline chemical, textile and paper-making fields.
Dosage: soluble in non-ionic surface active agent
Anti-bacterial and fungicidal: Having fine effect on gram-positive bacterium and mycete.

Dichloroxylenol (DCMX) Packaging

20KG/fiber can with inner double layer polyethylene bag

Dichloroxylenol (DCMX) Storage

The DCMX phenol has a stable structure and can be stored conventionally.

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