Disodium Laureth-3 Sulfosuccinate

Disodium Laureth-3 Sulfosuccinate Details

Chemical Name:Disodium Laureth-3 Sulfosuccinate

CAS No.: 40754-59-4

Molecular Formula: RO(CH2CH2O)3OCCH2CH(SO3Na)COONa

Molecular Weight: 543.6

EINECS No.: 255-062-3


Disodium Laureth-3 Sulfosuccinate Typical Properties

Item MES-30 MES-40
Appearance Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid


≤50.0 ≤100.0
PH (10% aqueous solution 25℃) 5.0-7.0 5.0-7.0
Solid content(%) 33.0+2.0 40.0+2.0
Active matter(%) 30.0+2.0 ≥32.0%
sodium sulfite(%) ≤0.2 ≤0.3


Disodium Laureth-3 Sulfosuccinate Usage

Disodium Laureth-3 Sulfosuccinate is widely used in the preparation of shampoos, facial cleansers, shower gels, hand sanitizers, surgical cleaning agents and other daily cleaning products.


It can also be used as an emulsifier in the emulsion polymerization industry.


The recommended dosage:2.0~10.0%(Daily chemical industry),

1.0-3.0%(Emulsion polymerization)


Disodium Laureth-3 Sulfosuccinate Packaging and Shipping

Packing:200kg (N.W) per plastic drum


Disodium Laureth-3 Sulfosuccinate Storage

Stored in cool dry place away from sunshine and rain