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Erucylamido propyl betaine CAS 149879-98-1

Appearance: Light yellow liquid
Capacity: 2000TONS/YEAR
Packaging: 200KG DRUM
Sample: available


Erucylamido propyl betaine

Erucylamido propyl betaine Details
Product name: Erucylamido propyl betaine
CAS NO:149879-98-1
Molecular formula:C30H58N2O3
Molecular weight: 494.79312
Appearance: Light yellow liquid
Molecular Structure: Erucylamido propyl betaine CAS 149879-98-1

Erucylamido propyl betaine Typical Properties

Appearance Light yellow liquid
PH (1% water solution) 6.0-10.0
NaCl (% ≤7.0
Solid content (%) 40.0±2
Free Amine (%) ≤4.0

Erucylamido propyl betaine Usage
Erucylamido propyl betaine is commonly used as a self-diverting acid diversion agent in oil and gas fields and for cleaning fracturing fluids.
It is a viscoelastic surfactant resistant to medium and high temperature. This product is a single product or compounded with other products. The temperature resistance reaches 90℃-130℃.
It can form micelle gels with different strengths in salt solution or acid solution with different pH values.
It is used for acid fracturing, and it has the functions of mucidic acid, slow acid and self-turning acid, and can withstand high temperature.
It can be used to prepare a variety of clean fracturing fluid working fluid with excellent performance.

Erucylamido propyl betaine Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 200KG DRUM.

Erucylamido propyl betaine Storage
Store in a cool, dry place, anti-freeze and sun protection. One year shelf life (0~35℃)

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