Glyoxylic acid 1-hydrate

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Glyoxylic acid 1-hydrate

Assay: ≥98%
Appearance: White or light yellow solid powder
Capacity: 4000tons/month
Packaging: 25 kg/fiber drum.
Sample: available



Glyoxylic acid 1-hydrate

Our glyoxylic acid monohydrate is without glyoxal content,it is our advantage.

Only our factory can production this standard glyoxylic acid monohydrate in China so far.

Glyoxylic acid 1-hydrate Quick Details

CAS No.: 563-96-2
Appearance: White Solid powder
Assay: 98% Min
Glyoxal: free
Aldehyde: None
Oxalic Acid: 0.1% Max
EINECS :206-058-5
Molecular formula:C2H4O4
Molecular weight: 92.05
Our capacity: 4000 tons per month.
Sample: Available
Synonyms:Dihydroxyacetic acid; Formylformic acid; Oxoethanoic acid ;GA;GLYOXALIC ACID;ACETIC ACID, OXO-;2-OXOETHANOIC ACID;glyoxylic acid free acid monohydrate;glycoxylic acid monohydrate;Glyoxylic acid-1-hydrate;Glyoxylic acid monohydrate

Glyoxylic acid 1-hydrate Typical Properties

Appearance White or light yellow

solid powder

White or light yellow

solid powder

Content ≥98% 98.5%
Acid value ≤0.2% 0.18%
Glyoxal content free No detected
Formic acid ≤1.0% 0.99%
Conclusion Meets the specification

Glyoxylic acid 1-hydrate Applications

1.Used as varnish ingredients, spices, medicine, dye, plastic and chemical intermediates .
2. With Oral penicillin can be used in the production of vanillin and ethyl vanillin and allantoin.
3.Glyoxylilc acid can be used for some medical products, daily chemicals  intermediates.
(popular in the cosmetic industry,for hair dye;hair care product;skin care product ect.)
4.further processing can be made into trace efficient liquid fertilizer.

Glyoxylic acid 1-hydrate Packaging and Shipping

25kg per fiber drum. 18drums with one pallet.

Glyoxylic acid 1-hydrateStorage

Keep container closed when not in use. Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.

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