Hydroxyethylufsea Appearance

Hydrovance Quick Details

Chemical Name: Hydrovance

Another name: HV-50; Hydroxyethylufsea

CAS No.: 2078-71-9

Molecular formula: C3H8N2O2

Chemical structure:  Hydrovance structure

Molecular Weight: 104.11

Appearance: crystalline powder

Assay: ≥98%


Hydrovance is an excellent moisturizer, skin care products give moisturizing effect at the same time providing efficient nor sticky feel, in the formulation can reduce the amount of silicone. Hydrovance can penetrate into the stratum corneum, increase skin moisture, relieve dry, fill wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, and provides a pleasant feeling of use. How much can the vast majority of cosmetic raw materials compatibility and has a broad pH range.

Hydrovance Typical Properties

Item Specification
Appearance crystalline powder
Assay (%) ≥98
Odor Odorless or slight characteristic Odor
PH (10%) 6.0-10.0

Hydrovance Performance And Application


1. This product has a remarkable moisturizing effect
2. Skin care products to provide smooth coating feeling, not sticky, non-greasy, moist and comfortable
3. This product penetrates the skin quickly, not shiny, less residue.


1. Hydrovance can be used for skin care.
2. Hydrovance can be used in the manufacture of liquid soaps and other bath products.
3. Hydrovance can be used to make skin cleansers and soaps.
4. Hydrovance can be used in baby products.
5. Hydrovance can be used in sunscreen products.
6. Hydrovance can be used in hair care products.
7. Hydrovance is an intermediate of the antibacterial furazolidone.

Suggested usage:


Method of use:

In a wide range of PH and temperature are stable,can be easily added at any temperature aqueous phase.

Hydrovance Packaging and Shipping 

25kg per fiber drum

Hydrovance Storage

To avoid freezing environment, Kept in the dark, cool and dry place, sealed storage. Shelf life 24 Months.

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