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Metatitanic acid CAS 12026-28-7


Appearance:White block

Capacity:2000 tons per year


Sample: available


Metatitanic acid Details

Chemical Name:Metatitanic acid
CAS No.: 12026-28-7
Molecular Formula: H2O3Ti

( )-Abscisic acidStructure:Metatitanic acid CAS 12026-28-7
Molecular Weight:97.88108
Appearance: White block
Metatitanic acid Typical Properties

Appearance White block
TiO2 ≥ 44%
Fe2O3 ≤0.02 %
Purity of dry basis ﹥98%
SO42- ≤7%

Metatitanic acid Usage
Metatitic acid is an intermediate product of titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid method.
It is used to prepare pure titanium sulfate.It can also be used as a matting agent, catalyst and adsorbent for uranium in seawater.
Used as mordant, catalyst and seawater adsorbent.

Metatitanic acid Packaging and Shipping

Metatitanic acid Storage
Products are packed in clean containers.Store in ventilated, dry place, prevent direct sunlight.