Potassium Lauryl Phosphate

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Potassium Lauryl Phosphate

Assay: 60%
Appearance: white powder
Capacity: 6000MT per year
Packaging: 25kg bag
Sample: available


Sodium Antimonate CAS15432-85-6 in Bulk

This is our Sodium Antimonate from Genuine Factory, we provide high quality Sodium Metaantimonate with great capacity.

Chemical Name: Sodium Metaantimonate

Other Product Name: Sodium Antimonate

CAS No.: 15432-85-6

Molecular Formula: Na.O3Sb

EINECS No.: 239-444-7

Molecular Weight: 192.75

Molecular Structure: the structure of sodium antimony

Appearance:white powder

Sodium Antimonate CAS 15432-85-6

Sodium Antimonate Typical Properties

Item Specifications 1
Sb ≥60%
Sb2O5 80%-83.5%
Na2O 14%-16%
Fe2O3 0.0041%
PbO 0.013%
As2O3 0.0083%
Color White
Water(105℃,3hours) 0.79%
Loss on Drying(700℃,3hours) 0.78%
average grain diameter 1um-4um
  • Our sodium antimonate can be used as the non-transparent opacity filler, opalizer for enamel and acid-resistant paint for iron sheet and copper plate
  • It can also be considered as the clarifying agent for a piece of kinescope, optical glass and other sorts of advanced glasses
  • You can use it as the flame retardant for textiles and plastic products
  • Package Conditions: 20kg/bag or 25kg/bag
  • This product shall be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place which stays away from reactants.