Sebacic acid diethyl ester

Sebacic acid diethyl ester Appearance

Chemical Name: Sebacic acid diethyl ester


CAS No.:110-40-7

Molecular formula:C14H26O4

Chemical structure:

Bisoflex DES Chemical structure

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

Sebacic acid diethyl ester Typical Properties

Item Specification Test Result
Appearance colorless transparent liquid Conform
Ze color (Pt-co) ≤ 30 10
Content (GC)%  ≥99.0 99.6
Acid value (mgKOH/g) ≤0.1 0.01
Water content (wt),% ≤0.1 0.01
Conclusion The Results Conforms With Enterprise Standards


What is Sebacic acid diethyl ester

Sebacic acid diethyl ester is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a fruity aroma. It is miscible with organic substances such as ethanol, ether and oil. It is commonly used in the production of daily flavors and flavors. It can also be used as an organic Used as a solvent, it is commonly used as a plasticizer or an organic synthesis intermediate in optical and electrochemical sensors. At present, many studies in China mainly focus on nanostructured lipid carriers, surfactants, and organic synthesis reagents.

Sebacic acid diethyl ester Application

1. Because this product has good compatibility with nitrocellulose and butyl acetate cellulose, it is commonly used as a plasticizer for such resins and vinyl resins. It can also be used in organic synthesis, solvents and pigments, and pharmaceutical intermediates.
2. GB 2760-96 provides for the temporary use of flavorants. It is mainly used to prepare berry flavors and as a solvent for fruit flavors.

Sebacic acid diethyl ester Packaging and Shipping 

200L plastic barrel, net weight 180Kg.

Sebacic acid diethyl ester Storage

This product is a general chemical. Storage and transportation away from heat, sources of ignition. Rain, water. storage temp. Store below +30°C.