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Sodium Isethionate CAS 1562-00-1

Assay: 98% ; 60%
Appearance: Powder; Liquid
Sample: available

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Sodium Isethionate

Sodium Isethionate Quick Details

INCI Name: Sodium Isethionate

CAS No.:1562-00-1

Molecular formula: C2H5NaO4S

Chemical structure:Sodium Isethionate Chemical structure


EINECS No.:216-343-6


Typical Properties

Appearance White crystal powder
Assay 98% min
Water ≤0.5%
PH 7-11
Color ≤10#
Heavy mental(As Pb) ≤10ppm


Appearance A colorless lucidly liquid
Active 60%max
Water 40.0% min
PH 8.0-10.5
Sulphate 0.30%max

The main raw material for the production of sodium cocoyl isethionate,can also be used as a detergent for wool textile products, intermediates for daily chemical products, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates for fine chemical products.

Storage and transport:
It should be stored in a dry, Ventilative and clear warehouse; kept away from moisture and hot,
Furthermore, it should be stored separately from poisonous substances

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