Sodium Lauroryl Glutamate

Sodium Lauroryl Glutamate Appearance

Sodium Lauroryl Glutamate Quick Details

INCI Name: Sodium Lauroryl Glutamate

Other name:SLG

CAS No.:29923-31-7

Molecular formula: C17H30NO5.Na

Chemical structure: SLG Chemical structure

EINECS No.:249-958-3


Sodium Lauroryl Glutamate Typical Properties

Item Specification
Appearance White powder
Content 96%-99%

Sodium Lauroryl Glutamate Application

Sodium lauroryl Glutamate is hypo-allergenic,non-comedogenic and also environmental friendly for the highly biodegrabable property.It is very soft,providing extra mildness to the skin with good foamablity and also has better hard water resistance.It can be used to produce amino facial cleanser,bath salt,etc.

Sodium Lauroryl Glutamate Packaging and Shipping 

25kg paper barrel,25kg paper plastic compound bag

Sodium Lauroryl Glutamate Storage

Be stored in cool,dry,and ventilated storage,free from heat or sunlight and free from toxic and harmful foods.Be protected with pall on delivery,keep free from rain moisture,toxic,and harmful goods.


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