Sodium Surfactin

Assay: 98%min
Appearance: white powder
Capacity: 500kgs per year
Packaging: 1kg Aluminum Foil Bag
Sample: available


Sodium Surfactin

Sodium Surfactin Appearance 

Sodium Surfactin Quick Details

Product Name: Sodium Surfactin

CAS No.: 302933-83-1


Sodium Surfactin Typical Properties

Item Specification
Acid precipitation Positive
Ninhydrin test Negative
Biuret test Positive
IR Absorption maximum at around 1540,1650,1740,2930, and 2960 cm-1
Sodium ion Positive
pH of aqueous solution 6.5-8.0(1% in distilled water)
Clarity of solution Practically clear (1%)
Heavy metals Not more than 20 ppm(as Pb)
Arsenic Not more than 2 ppm
Water content Not more than 10%
Assay (Nitrogen) 8.0-9.0%(Kjeldahl method)


Sodium Surfactin Usage

It is a kind of pure natural surfactant, with unique cyclic peptide structure, so as to obtain a series of excellent emulsification, dispersion and other surface activity properties.

It can be widely used in cosmetic, food, medicine, detergent, pesticide and soil remediation.

Others: Pharma, Detergent, Farm, etc.


Sodium Surfactin Packaging and Shipping

1Kg/aluminum foil bag, or customized.

Packing Packing2

Sodium Surfactin Storage

Notes: Keep stored in cool, dry conditions in well-sealed containers.