Triethyl citrate

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Triethyl citrate

Assay: 99%min
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
Capacity: 5000MT per year
Packaging: 230kg/plastic drum, 200kg/plastic drum, 1100kg/IBC, 1000kg/IBC
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Triethyl citrate

triethyl citrate appearance and packing

Triethyl citrate Quick Details

Chemical Name: triethyl citrate;TEC
CAS No.: 77-93-0
Molecular Fomula: C12H20O7
Chemical Structure: triethyl citrate chemical structure
Property:  Colorless transparent liquid£¬boiling point:150ºC(0.4KPa), flash point(open)155ºC, soluble in most organic solvent, slightly soluble in oils. This product is innocuous plasticizer.

Triethyl citrate Specifications

Item Specifications
Appearance Colourless transparent liquid
Content (GC) % 99.0%Min
Moisture % 0.1%Max
Acid value mgKOH/g 0.1%Max
Specific gravity 1.135~1.139
Refractive index 1.439~1.442
Chroma(Pt-Co) 30Max
As ppm 2Max
Pb 2Max

Use of Triethyl citrate

This product is non-toxic plasticizer, and a strong ability to dissolve many resins have good compatibility, are widely used as plasticizers for vinyl resins and cellulose resins. Use it to plasticized products with good oil resistance, light resistance and mildew resistance. Applicable to non-toxic PVC granulation, ink, paint, soft toys for children, medical products, flavors and fragrances and other industries.

Triethyl citrate Packaging and Shipping

200L plastic drum or iron drum, barrel, net weight 200Kg or 230Kg or IBC tons of barrels, or according to customer requirements.

 triethyl citrate packing

Triethyl citrate Storage

Sealed cool and dry dark protected. Dress with brown glass bottle. Store at a temperature of 2-8 ° C best